Disability Insurance Quotes & Approvals: As Instantly Satisfying as Ice Cream

Posted By: The Income Protection Team on 7/13/2016

Disability Insurance Quotes & Approvals: As Instantly Satisfying as Ice Cream

Disability happens. But you already know that. In fact, you know it’s going to happen to more than 1 in 4 of today’s 20-year-olds at some point in their careers. You know that when disability strikes, the odds of losing work for a period of 3 months or more is highly likely. You know that if you lost that much work, you’d have trouble making ends meet. So, you’re shopping disability insurance quotes.

But do you know what to expect when shopping disability insurance quotes? We regret to inform you, getting a policy approval usually takes a really long time. As in, four to six weeks long. No kidding. A lot of things can happen in four to six weeks. You can grow a beard, change jobs, get hurt or even buy a house while you’re waiting.

Fortunately, there is such a thing as instant gratification, even with disability insurance quotes. And while it’s easy to talk about “instant gratification” like it’s a bad thing, we see it differently.

Instant gratification ... good or bad?

"Is instant gratification really a bad thing?" asked Vann Alexandra Daly at the Big Think. Short answer, no. There's a reason everyone loves it so much, after all. Instant gratification is wonderful. Think about it:

  • What if, the moment it got really cold out, someone handed you a coat?
  • What if, the moment you felt a painful hunger pang, your dinner arrived?
  • What if, when you really missed someone, they walked up and gave you a hug?

People only criticize instant gratification because sometimes, it conflicts with something else that you know you need to do, which just isn’t any fun right away, and in those moments you’ve got to be strong. There’s value in delayed gratification, sure. Patience is a virtue, and all.

But instant gratification, in and of itself? There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a reason takeout dinner exists.

Instant disability insurance quotes, approvals and policies

Same goes for insurance. What if, the moment you decided to shop disability insurance quotes – to do the right thing and find out how much a policy would cost – you got an answer back right away? Then, what if you applied, and your policy was approved and issued instantly in a 15-minute timeframe?

It would open the door for you. With the instant info, you’d be able to make some positive decisions, choose a path and take the next step.

That’s not usually how it goes, though. Most insurers make you wait 4 to 6 weeks before approving your application and giving you the information you need to move forward. Your application has to go through medical and financial underwriting, performed by a human, before they can get back to you.

To solve that problem, at DIoDemand, we've automated it so the moment you ask a question, you can get the instant gratification of having it answered. You know, for sure, how much the policy will cost and if you’re approved for coverage.

Hey, it’s not ice cream ... but it’s important

Why do we care so much about instant gratification? Because let’s face it, disability insurance isn’t ice cream. If you have to wait more than a month to get a quote, you might forget all about it. Then, when disability strikes, you won’t be protected. We don’t want that to happen.

So we’ve developed a way to underwrite, approve and issue policies instantly. In fact, we’re the only insurer in the nation that does. Want to get a disability insurance quote right now? Get your instant gratification here.

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