Our Story: DIonDEMAND

Income Protection for Real People …

Our History

The story of DIonDEMAND began more than 30 years ago. Back then, we were just getting our start in the disability insurance industry. And yes, we did well. Really well, helping to protect the earning power of countless surgeons, doctors, dentists and business owners.


But there was one lingering issue that nagged our souls:
We didn't have the opportunity to help a lot of regular people.

It seemed that traditional paycheck protection products and processes were best suited for those with big budgets and smart financial advisors to guide them through the process. Even insurance professionals thought the "traditional" DI process was complex and confusing!

Our Dream: A More Accessible Solution

We dreamed of creating a more accessible solution.

We knew that regular people needed income protection insurance more than anyone else. Regular people usually don't have enough savings socked away to cover a year of household expenses. Regular people can't afford to miss multiple paychecks – they have families to support and mortgages to pay.


So, we set out to create a "regular people" kind of income protection insurance. We envisioned a solution that was available online and so simple that anyone could buy it without the guidance of a financial professional. We dreamed of income protection that was affordable to all – not just the elite few.

Our Promise: Instant, Easy & Affordable

It took a few years, but with slow and steady progress, we finally succeeded in developing DIonDEMAND, a place where regular people can secure convenient, accessible and affordable disability insurance.

As the name suggests, DIonDEMAND offers a convenience never available before: The ability to get a quote, apply for coverage, get approved and download your disability insurance policy, instantly in real time.

Disability insurance from DIonDEMAND is typically more affordable than policies you'll find elsewhere. Benefits protect roughly 60% of your take home pay, equivalent to roughly 80% of your gross pay.


It's that easy. You no longer have to wait two days for a quote only to be surprised by the high cost. Here, you can easily estimate the cost, with our easy, instant quote system.

Policies are underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company, a stable, well-regarded carrier, and they are backed by one of the strongest reinsurers in the world.

With DIonDEMAND, there's no reason to wait another minute. Secure your earning power with an affordable disability insurance policy today!