Why DI?

Why Every Working American Needs Disability Insurance


The Risk is High –
Higher Than the Risk of Dying or Having Your House Burn Down.

Disabilities happen more often than you think… even to people who are healthy… even to people who work in desk jobs… and even to people who aren’t skydivers or bull riders!


A Lot of Things Can Happen in 2.5 Years with No Paycheck. (Not Good Things.)

Not to be a total downer, but going without an income for 31.2 months is a huge bummer. Forget about fun vacations, new shoes or even saving for college or retirement. Your biggest concerns may become food, shelter and of course, physical recovery. Unfortunately, recovery is a lot harder when you're carrying the burden of massive financial stress.


Disability Insurance Provides Income, Pays Your Bills
and Sustains Your Standard of Living, When You Can't.

You probably own life insurance, which means you're prepared for death. But with today’s medical advances and driving safety improvements, the odds of dying are pretty low. What you actually need to worry about is LIVING. You need a sure-fire way to keep your family’s financial picture intact if something unexpected happens to you. That’s where disability insurance comes in. It’s the foundation of every smart financial plan, because without an income, all other financial plans fall by the wayside.


Now that You Know the Facts, Only One Task Remains:
Get Income Protection and Get Back to Life.